Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Early History of Cold Springs

Early History of Cold Springs: "David Sidey: Founder of Cold Springs

David Sidey (1784-1871) was a Scot from Blairgowrie, Perthshire who came to Canada around 1823. He purchased lot 16, concession five from a wealthy fur merchant named Edward Ellice, who owned much of the Northern part of Hamilton Township at this time. He acquired the title to the 200 acres in 1832, and immediately began selling off parcels, 78 acres of the Northern section to Israel Ellsworth and 71 acres of the Northern Section to Hiram Ash. By 1825, Sidey was operating a tavern at Rice Lake, west of Gores’ Landing. When he left Rice Lake around 1830, he built a log house on the west side of the road in Cold Springs that still stands today, though the logs are no longer visible."


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